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Types of Massage offered: Myo-Kenisthetic

Myokinesthetic System for Pain Relief

The Myokinesthetic System is a method to quickly and easily reset the body to return to normal pain-free function.

The Myokinesthetic (My-o-kin-es-thet-ic) system is a highly effective therapy for relief for pain, lost range of motion, and other health-related issues, involving muscle, soft tissue, and nerves. Although performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist, it is vastly different from a traditional massage.

The goal of the Myokinesthetics is to identify and then address the cause of the problem within the nervous system. It is then possible to stimulate and “reset” the nervous system in order to correct the problem.

Through a detailed postural assessment the therapist identifies the nerve root which is causing the problem.  The treatment is painless, risk-free and specific. You remain fully clothed; no oils or lotions are used. After the first one-hour session, most sessions are one half-hour or less.

The Myokinesthetic system is deceptively simple and yet capable of generating profound modifications in the body’s nervous system. By stimulating all the muscles associated with a particular nerve root, the nervous system learns to send the proper signal to the muscles to allow them to respond and function normally – with full range of motion and without tension and pain and abnormal sensations such as “pins and needles”, numbness or burning.

History of the Myokinesthetic System

In 1994, Dr. Michael Uriarte began a chiropractic practice with a staff of 5 massage therapists.  Dr. Uriarte is a firm believer in the benefits of soft tissue work in conjunction with chiropractic care.  After years of research, he devised a method for manual therapists to help clients relieve and eliminate pain, numbness, tingling, and lost range of motion.

Benefits of the Myokinesthetic System

Alleviate (and eliminate) pain

Restore range of motion

Little or no pain felt in receiving the therapy

Improved posture

Short therapy sessions

Results are usually seen in 1-3 sessions


For an explanation of Myokinesthetic from Dr. Michael Uriarte himself Click here

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