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Simply The Best!!!!!!

Having a very bad lumbar spine for many years, I sort of live from one massage to the next. Consequently I have become very discriminating about the quality of my DEEP TISSUE massages. I have gotten at least one massage per week for the past several years. Brian is one of the BEST EVER. I consider myself lucky that he is back in the valley! J.B.


"Brian has magic hands - The words 'therapeutic' and 'relaxing' don't even begin to describe his massages; however, the word "awesome" does !  You've tried the rest, now go to the best and finally get what you've been looking for."



"Brian has come to my home a number of times and given both my 17 year old daughter and myself wonderful massages.  We both feel completely at ease and safe with him.  He is punctual, professional and gives a REAL feel good massage." Sheri S.  Agoura Hills CA.


Thank You Brian :-)  U-Rock !

Krystyna- NewBury Park CA.


"Brian's massage techniques are just the right blend of deep tissue intensity, stretching, gentle manipulation, body work and a soothing touch.  A massage with Brian feels like a day at the spa--therapeutic and relaxing.  He manages to coax the chronic tense areas into release, while locating and unwinding the silent sources of pain.  Brian consistently demonstrates in knowledge of the body and many years of massage experience.  I appreciate his caring compassionate manner, his optimistic nature and lightness of being. Schedule a massage with Brian, your body and mind will be grateful that you did."

--Sharlene S.  Certified Yoga Instructor, Westlake Village CA.



I needed a massage, I have been to Brian Malloy many times and would not consider anyone else. He has about 25 years experience, is licensed and is an easy going person. 

It went very well as always. Brian knows what he is doing, and always talks to me first about why I want the massage.

Deborah H.  Certified Massage Therapist


"Brian's massages are unique in that not only are you completely relaxed, but he is also able to relieve real pain in your body by finding places that need release.  A massage that is both therapeutic and relaxing is hard to find, and Brian is a master at combining the two.  He is completely professional and makes one feel very comfortable in a relaxed and therapeutic way.  I have real relief from pain after a massage from Brian and value the experience immensely."

--Terry P.  Thousand Oaks CA.


 "It has always been difficult for me to find a massage theapist with enough experience, technique and intuitive ability to do deep work effectively and persistently.  Brian is all those things and more, dedicated, compassionate, intellegent, and has the experience that is crucial if you have any specific problems.  I think good massage also requires intuition, as the practicioner needs to find the right approach or their work may not correct the problem.  Having had unsatisfying massage experiences in the past, I truely appreciate what Brian has to offer."

--Lynn S.  Thousand Oaks CA.


Thanks SO Much !!!

You Rock !



Brian you are AMAZING !

I Love you.  I had the BEST Massage.

I feel like a LION today !

So I just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, So Much.

You are  the Best !

-Daniela B.