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About the Practitioner

Biography: Brian Malloy

About Brian Malloy and Mobile Massage.

Throughout his career, Brian Malloy has immersed himself in the field of holistic healthcare. Certification as a massage therapist by the Boulder College of Massage Therapy established the basis for his passion for making a difference in the lives of others through optimum health, and he has been steadfast in the goal ever since.

After working successfully as an independent massage therapist, Brian recognized a desire for home-based treatments and created his company, Mountain Mobile Massage, Inc. of Vail, Colorado. This high-quality massage and body therapy business provided customized service for 16 years to a broad-based clientele, from elite athletes to everyday customers interested in maintaining or improving their health. During a momentary lapse of reason (lasting many years), He relocated to Southern California where he created Malibu Massage and provided quality massage treatments to the residents of Malibu and Westlake Village.  After closing his practice there in order to do some traveling, he spent a summer on Catalina island, and a winter in Palm Desert California.  He has now realized there is no place better than the Colorado high country and is once again setting a new standard of excellence for those fortunate enough to find their way to his massage table.
My Massage Philosophy & Treatments
I believe that the body is its own best doctor, and given ample blood flow, will heal itself of most dysfunctions. Proper massage therapy definitely increases blood flow. I work as deep as your body comfortably allows, and then just a little bit more. Sure, I can provide a soothing, more superficial relaxation massage, but I recommend deep tissue treatment - slow, deep, thorough massage work throughout the entire body. I specialize in holding Trigger Points in problem areas (base of the skull, lumbar, shoulder, etc.).  This is extremely beneficial in erasing the pain and greatly increasing blood flow to specific areas of chronic pain.

Sixty-minute treatments are good for maintaining the health of the body; 90-minute treatments allow time to focus on problem areas and bring them back into proper function. Chair massage is also available for office or group settings.

Your massage appointment can take place in the comfort of your own lodging.

I bring 28 years of experience to the table. My touch is nurturing and empathetic while at the same time therapeutic and efficient. Your satisfaction is my personal guarantee!

Brian Malloy
California Certified Massage Therapist #11846
Colorado Certified Massage Therapist # 0017611
(818) 431-0107
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