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I am taking a sebatical from private practice and currently doing massage out on Catalina Island Ca. for this summer.  Winter plans include massage in the Palm Springs Ca. area after a vaction to Colorado in the fall.


Please contact my by phone if you would like to connect and receive a massage from me if you are visiting either of those two places.



Brian Malloy

818 431-0107


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Welcome to Malibu Massage of Westlake Village.      

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I believe that the body is its own best doctor and given ample blood flow will heal itself of most dysfunctions.  Proper massage therapy definitely increases blood flow.  I work as deep as your body comfortably allows, and then just a little bit more, or a little bit less (depending on your needs). While I am capable of doing a soothing superficial relaxation massage, I much prefer giving the kind of massage I myself enjoy getting. That would be a real therapeutic make-a-difference-in-my-body-and-my-life massage.  If you have been disappointed by mediocre massage in the past then finding your way to this website is indeed good news for you. 

In addition to slow, deep, thorough massage work throughout the entire body, I specialize in holding trigger points in problem areas, such as the base of the skull, lumbar area, shoulders, etc. This is extremely beneficial in erasing pain and greatly increasing blood flow to specific areas of chronic pain.

60 minute massages are good for maintaining the health of the body, 90 minute treatments allow time to focus on problem areas and bring them back into proper function.

I can see you in my office located in the heart of Westlake Village at 2277 Townsgate ste.214.

I bring over 20 years of massage experience to the table.  My touch is nurturing and empathetic while at the same time therapeutic and efficient.  Your satisfaction is my personal guarantee.  

Brian Malloy, Certified Massage Therapist #11846

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     Brian Malloy

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